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Dan and Jill’s passion is to collaborate and creatively blend their multiple years of experience in youth and college athletics in order to offer parents and athletes of all sports a combination of mental skills training and recruiting insights to increase their potential for success.

More About Their Vision

It is fascinating how two lives can be shaped so differently in childhood and yet still end up partnering well as husband and wife!

Dan is the oldest of six children. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Drain, Oregon, he milked cows, worked the farm, went to school and endured grueling wrestling practices as a way of life.

Jill is the second in her family of four children. Born and raised in Orange County, California, she loved the sunshine, the beach and friends. At age 12 she began training six long hours a day in a highly competitive gymnastics club, and achieved the National Elite level.

Dan and Jill both earned athletic scholarships to attend Oregon State University in their sports. Ironically, they met in the athletic training room at OSU while they both rehabbed knee injuries. Dan was able to overcome and endure his injuries and became a 2 time NCAA National Champion. Jill was unable to continue in gymnastics, retired as a competitor and began coaching the OSU team while still a student. During her 14 years as an assistant, she helped develop five NCAA National Champions on balance beam and floor exercise.

After college, Dan and Jill married and had three children.

Both of their athletic careers advanced to the level of assistant coach in their sports at their alma mater, Oregon State University. In another twist of irony, they both became Head Coaches of their sport at Cal State Fullerton during the same time period and then worked diligently to maintain wrestling and gymnastics for the student-athletes at Cal State Fullerton. As unlikely as seems possible, both programs were discontinued nine years later.

When these coaching opportunities ended, they moved to beautiful Bend, Oregon and thought about what they would do next. They both had so many experiences of triumph and disappointment, they were poised to impact others in an effective and significant way. But how?

Dan had earned a Masters degree in counseling at OSU and with eight years of work with college athletes in a variety of sports as well as other clients with various needs, he was ready to launch Lasting Impact Counseling.

Jill envisioned helping club gymnasts and parents through the college recruiting process and launched Jill Hicks Consulting.

Both of these businesses have been incredibly successful. Dan and Jill plan to continue investing their time and energy in both of these established businesses.

On this journey we call sports... Harness your passion, do it right, expect the unexpected.



Champions aren't made in gyms they are made from something they have deep inside.

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